Product Updates

The RealtyBackOffice team is always hard at work to release awesome new features and updates.  Please checkout this page from time to time to stay updated on the latest RBO software updates

July 31, 2017

  • **NEW FEATURE**  Added a new tranaction request type called: Commission Demand Letter.  This request type was built specifically for offices who have a need to create a commission demand letter to provide to closing attornies.
  • **NEW FEATURE**  Added a new shortcode named: “commission minus amount held in escrow”  This shortcode was created for offices who hold escrow monies and have a need to invoice or demand for a title company or closing attorney to pay them the balance between what they are already holding in escrow for a particular transaction and the gross commission.
  • **FEATURE UPGRADE**  Added ability for agents to now share transactions not only with agents within their office but also with any agent within any of the offices the admin has setup in RBO.
  • **NEW FEATURE**  Added a new admin report called “transaction Contacts”  This new report gives the admin new visibility into ALL transaction contacts, before this report was available if you wanted to search for a transaction contact or contacts you would have to go directly into a transaction. Now you can run this report and see all your transaction contacts in one simple to understand report.  Contacts can be filtered using a number of filters, and we will soon add the ability to export contacts for label printing and so on.

    June 12, 2017

    • **NEW FEATURE**  Added 2 new Agent level permissions, one will allow admins to determine if an agent can modify transaction details, the other will allow admins to determine if an agent can add and modify transaction financials.

      June 6, 2017

      • **NEW FEATURE**  Added ability for admins to see contact info for transaction owner, Info Includes: name, phone, email, address, compensation plan, recruited by info, and more.
      • **NEW FEATURE**  Added ability for users to email anyone who posts an announcement in the RBO dashboard.
      • Fixed issue that was causing datepickers to be broken when using firefox. 

        June 2, 2017

        • **NEW FEATURE**  Added the ability for agents to share a transaction with a co-agent or team member within the brokerage or team.   Transactions shared will show in the co-agent or team members RBO account.  Transaction owners will be able to decide if they want to allow the co-agent/team members to edit transaction details.   If the co- agent/team member is earning a portion of the commission for being involved in a transaction, the monies being earned will reflect in there commission earned reports.  Lastly admins will be able to see detailed reports showing total commissions earned by agents for transactions they own as well as transaction being shared with them were they are also earning a commission.  We are very excited about this new feature and hope you love it as much as we do!

          May 6, 2017

          • **NEW FEATURE**  Added the new module Favorite links & Vendors which allows admins to share featured links and vendors with agents right from the agent dashboard.   Not only is this new feature very useful but it also makes the dashboard look amazing!

          April 15, 2017

          • **NEW FEATURE**  Added the ability for both agents and admins to upload documents associated with tasks right from the unified task management view.  In addition admins can review transaction docs right from this view aswell.  (If you thought managing transaction was easy before, wait until you give this new feature a try.  You are going to absolutely love it!)
          • Added an arrow that appears under the e-sign now button once a client has completed all fields, this makes it easier for a client to know where to finalize the signing process 
          • Added agent email in the: who is responsible for task column of the unified task management view 
          • Fixed issue that was causing a document error when document name included a forward slash
          • Contact type is now a mandatory field when adding a transaction contact
          • Fixed issue that did not allow for the full description of a transaction task to be seen when description was very long
          • Fixed issue that did not allow for a transaction expense in financials to be 100% of commission (this only occured when the expense was edited)

          March 8, 2017

          • Added a detailed payout breakdown shortcode to document generator templates
          • Fixed issue that caused user to get 500 error page, when having simultaneous sessions open
          • Updated filter to search by agent name which was not working in unified task management view of the admin app
          • Added the ability to open and view documents also by clicking on the row of the document
          • In request menu option put the cancel option last in the list to avoid confusions
          • Added the ability to go back in a transaction details page and for filtered results to remain in query
          • Optimized the E-sign page for ALL mobile devices, renders really nice now

          March 3, 2017

          • Added ability to sort all available columns in transactions & users results page by ascending or descending order
          • Added ability to show agent notes in agent transactions 

          March 1, 2017

          • Added a permission so customer can decide if an admin can access Company reports and stats
          • Removed scroll bar from report charts
          • Optimized reports on mobile views

          February 27, 2017

          Added new admin & agent reports

          Admin Reports Include:

          • Office sales volume by transaction type
          • Office Revenue by transaction type
          • Office revenue by income type
          • Agent leaderboard
          • Office revenue forecasting based on current pipeline
          • Agent commission forecasting based on current pipeline

          Agent Reports Include:

          • sales volume by transaction type
          • Commissions earned by transaction type
          • Sales volume forecasting based on current pipeline
          • Sales volume forecasting based on current pipeline
          • Commissions forecasting based on current pipeline

          Fixed bug that was causing time zone issue

          February 13, 2017

          • Made Signer name required when preparing a document to be E-Signed
          • Added functionality so that transaction must be pending sale in order for agent to do a commission request  
          • Added a skin/color scheme for National Franchise RealtyONEGroup

          February 9, 2017

          • Added a popup requesting user to confirm that he/she wants to delete a working doc (Avoids deleting docs by mistake)
          • Added US currency format to escrow amounts

          February 8, 2017

          • Updated RBO so it counts transactions where listing agent & selling agent are from the same office as 1 transaction instead of 2
          • Updated RBO so that it does not count sales volume twice when listing agent & selling agent are from the same office
          • Added US currency format to all dollar amounts throughout RBO

          February 7, 2017

          • Transaction tasks now organize inside the transaction by due date and then alphabetical order
          • Added ability to void working docs
          • Added ability to assign voided, signed, and declined docs to transactions, contacts or users
          • Made contacts field in financials line items mandatory