Automated User Tasks Templates


RealtyBackoffice allows Admins to create customized User task templates to have a simple step-by-step guide when onboarding a new user/Agent with the office.

This class will show you how to create and edit your User Task Templates.

RealtyBackOffice does not provide you with user task templates, but the Admin can create as many as they want.

To do this, the Admin needs to go to Menu > Settings > Admin App Settings > Company/Office Settings > Automated User Task Templates > Add User Task in the top right corner. 

Now you need to add all the User Task information under Task Description and add the task name. If the user task requires a document, you will need to checkmark the box below. Next, you will need to select the Task Type and define who will complete it, if Any Admins or specific Admins.

If it requires review, you can select who will do it. You can choose Any Admins or Specific Admins. If it doesn’t, select Task does not require review.

Once all the fields are complete, save the changes. 

Note that the tasks you create in this setting are the tasks the Admin needs to complete and are visible only to Admins within the user’s profile when the Admin makes the new user active.

If you want to edit or delete an existing user task, click on the three vertical dots on the right and select Edit or Delete. Whenever you complete user tasks, all you need to do is check them off as complete. 

All the user tasks created in this section will appear under the Tasks tab on the right-hand side of the user profile. 

The user tasks will display when you add a new user to the system and have the user task checklist created in the settings. 

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (305) 517-3836.