How to Narrow Down The Transactions By The Listing Expiration Date


If you wanted to reach out to all your sellers with upcoming listings that are going to be expiring soon and you wanted to narrow down all those transactions very quickly through RealtyBackOffice, here is a quick way to search for your transactions by the listing expiration date.

First, you would want to go to Menu > Transactions > then click on the filter icon at the top right corner. Once in the filter section, scroll down to the Listing Expiration Dates field and type in the dates (or select dates from the calendar). After you enter in the dates, on the left-hand side, the system is going to give you a list of the transactions that have been narrowed down to the exact listing expiration date, and now, you will be able to go inside the files, reach out to the sellers and make sure that they extend the listing agreement with you and continue to sell their home.

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