How to Add an Additional Company or Office


The video above will show you how to create a new Company/Office in RealtyBackOffice. **** Note that once you add a branch office, you won’t be able to delete it *** With that said, be sure you need a new branch office before adding one.

To add a Company/Office, log in as an admin, then go to Menu > Settings > Admin App Settings > Add Company Office. Then data entry the Company Name, Complete Address, Phone, and Email. Once you complete the information, click Save, and the system will display the new Company under the module My Companies/Offices. 

To start customizing the settings, go to Menu > Admin App Settings > Company/Office Settings

Once you click on the Company/ Office Settings, you can start customizing the settings for each office. You can set up the Company Details, the Association this specific office is part of, Transaction Types, Company Opportunities Pipelines, and the compensation plans for the agents that work under this office.

In Company Form Library, you can upload the Company Forms for that particular office, brand the Automated Email Notification, and Request Document Generator Templates with the Company Logo.

Keep your company information updated, as this information will be in the automatically generated letters, for example, letters for; commission requests, paid-at-closing requests, etc.

Lastly, you can create Teams and customize your transaction task checklist for each office to keep your agents in compliance.

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