How To Add People Tags

With the release of the new updates in RealtyBackOffice, agents are now able to add custom tags and associate the tag to a contact in the People or Leads module.

With this new feature, you can now assign customized tags to your contacts in the CRM. Once you assign a tag to a contact or lead, you can then use the filter section in the top right corner of those modules to narrow down your search by the tag. To do so, go to the filter section and type in the name of the tag in the field called “Tags”.

As an example, if you have created a tag called Active or Inactive in the People module, now, you can search for your contacts by that tag. In the Leads module, an example of a tag that you can create is where the lead came from – for example, you can create a tag called Facebook Leads to narrow down your search by that tag.

It’s very easy to create or add a tag. To do so, please type in the name of the tag in the field called “Tags” inside the contact’s profile or inside a lead then press enter on the keyboard to put the tag name in a bubble then click Update to save the changes. If a tag has already been created, the tag will be seen in the drop menu.

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