How To Showcase Preferred Vendors Inside The Transaction File Under The Contact Tab


There is a new feature that we have added inside the Favorite Links and Vendor setting which will allow you to display your preferred vendors inside of a transaction file under the Contacts tab. This is truly useful because, with just a few clicks, you are able to send transaction information to the vendor in an email. 

If you go to Menu > Settings > General Settings > Favorite Links and Vendor, you will be able to see all the vendors you have added to the system. If you hover over a vendor and click on the three dots and click on Edit, scroll down in the window on the pop window, you will see an option that says Show In Transactions. What that means is that if you decide to share the vendor inside a transaction file, now the Agents will see it under the Contacts tab. With this feature, not only are you displaying the preferred vendors but the Agents will be able to quickly add those preferred vendors to the transaction under the contact tab.

In order to set this up, you will have to add a checkmark in the box next to Show In Transactions. When you scroll further down, you can add the names of the people from that specific preferred vendor. In order to do that, you have to go to People which you will see from the Menu > then click on a contact’s profile > click on the three dots > click Share Contact (to share the contact with the entire office) > select the office you want to share the contact with > add a Contact Type > then click on Save. (Note that if a contact is a title company, you must have a Closing Agent as a contact type in order for RealtyBackOffice to acknowledge that the Closing Agent exists inside the Contacts tab so that RBO can allow an Agent to order the Commission Disbursement Authorization letter. You can also call them a Title Officer or an Escrow Officer but the most important one for a title company has to be the Closing Agent contact type).

As soon as the contact is shared with the entire office, go back to Menu > Settings > General Settings > Favorite Links and Vendors > hover over the vendor > click Edit > scroll down > and in the Name field, add the vendor contact name. As soon as you start typing the vendor’s name, you will see that the system will provide you with the information and you just need to select the contact > click on the button Add > Save. Note that the toggle switch mostly applies to managers at the vendor’s office, and if the toggle switch is on, then that primary contact person will receive a carbon copy of all the emails that the other contacts from the same vendor will receive.

Now that you have shared the preferred vendor inside transactions, if you go inside a transaction file and go to the Contacts tab, you will see that the vendor is now showcased in that area. Before you add a vendor to a specific transaction, make sure that you have all the contact people and all the documentation inside the file. If everything is in place, you can now add the vendor to a specific transaction by clicking on Add To Transaction Contacts. A window will pop up and it will ask the Agent which vendor contact they are working with from that specific vendor’s office (click Add Contact). Once the Agent selects on the contact person, a window will pop up to confirm the information (click Save). Right after the Agent clicks Save, a message will appear on the bottom left corner of the page that says Transaction Contact Saved Successfully! In addition, an email has been sent with all transaction details, contacts, and documents.

***Please note that this feature will send all the documents that are stored in the transaction file.  If you only want to send a few documents, we recommend that you only upload the documents you want to share with the preferred vendor, once the email is delivered, you can go back to the document tab and upload the remaining documents. ***

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at (305) 517-3836.