How To Add A Preferred Vendor to a Transaction


We added a new feature inside the transaction file under the Contacts tab where you can see your preferred vendors and now be able to add them to the file. The purpose of showcasing the vendors inside the file is to make it very easy for users to be able to add a transaction contact to the transaction file. Note that besides adding the contact information of the vendor contact, RBO will also send an email to the vendor letting them know that they are a part of the transaction. In that email, the vendor will receive the transaction file’s contact information, transaction details, and links to the transaction documents.

To add a vendor contact to the file, click on Add To Transaction Contacts underneath the vendor’s icon. Before you do so, you want to make sure that you have all your documents and your contact information inside the transaction file. Once you click on Add To Transaction Contacts, you will be able to select the vendor contact you are working with and click Add Contact. When you do, a window will pop up > hit Save. After saving, it will auto-populate the information inside the transaction file and an email has just been sent to the preferred vendor contact/s. The vendor will then receive an email from RBO.

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