How to add a Contact into RBO


This video will demonstrate how to add a contact to RealtyBackOffice.

First, go to Menu > Transactions. To use the filters to find your Transaction File go to the upper right corner and click on the inverted pyramid under your name. Then select the option you need, and RealtyBackOffice will display the Transaction that matches your search. Then click on the Transaction Address to open the file.

Once inside the transaction file, in the middle panel, go to the Contacts tab, and click on Add New > Add Contact.

On the displayed window, add the Contact information.

Add the Type of Contact, and select it from the menu. You can also create a tag to associate it with the Transaction Contact. To do that, type in the Tag name you want on the Tag field and press enter on your keyboard to create the tag. The system will add it in a grey bubble. By creating Tags for your contacts, you can search contacts based on Tags inside the People Module.

You can also add the Company name if the Transaction Contact is associated with a Company. This section is powered by Google my business. Therefore, the system will auto-populate the Company’s basic information like their address, URL, and phone number. 

Then you need to Add the Contact Personal Details of the new Transaction Contact. 

When you add the address information, if you decide to type in the address and not select it from the menu, you can type in the Address and City, but you need to choose the State from the dropdown menu the system provides. 

If the auto-filler is on in your browser, it might be blocking the RealtyBackOffice menu. In that case, you want to click on the Message displayed at the bottom of your auto filler pop-up, which states “Manage Addresses,” and it will take you to your browser settings. Once there, in the middle panel, next to Save and Fill addresses, you can toggle the switch to the left and turn it off.

If you go back to RealtyBackOffice, you will see that now you can see the dropdown menu for the State field, and you can select it from there.

Note that if you type in the State, the system will not accept it and will change that field to red. So, you need to select the State from the DropDown menu.

If you do not add information in one of the required fields, the system will not save the information and will highlight the missing field in red. If you are missing the e-mail or phone number, you can remove that field by clicking on the ex sign at the end of it. In the future, if you need to add that information, you can do it just by clicking on Add Phone or Add E-mail.

After adding all the information, you can click Save.

Now you can see the Contact under the Contacts tab inside the Transaction File and in the CRM under the People Module. To add a contact in the People Module, go to Menu > CRM > People, click on Add a Contact, and follow the same steps mentioned above.

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