Transaction Details & Property Details

This video will show you everything related to Transaction Details.

First, go to Menu > Transactions. To use the filters to find your Transaction File go to the upper right corner and click on the inverted pyramid under your name. Then select the option you need, and RealtyBackOffice will display the Transaction that matches your search. Then click on the Transaction Address to open the file.

Once inside the Transaction File, you will see three panels.

The left panel will show you all the Transaction Details. In this section, only Admins can see the Primary Agent for this transaction. 

If the Admin clicks on the information icon next to the field Select Agent the system will display a window.

Inside the window, the Admin will see the Agent’s personal information, compensation plan, association, who recruited them, license number, license expiration date, and year-to-year stats. At the top right corner of this window, the Admin can click on Go to User Profile as a shortcut to go to the user profile.

Within Transactions Details, in the left panel, we also have the File number, the transaction status, transaction type, transaction stage, and agent role.

We can also see and enter the contract’s critical due dates like the Listing Date, Listing Expiration Date, Contract Date, and Closing Date. You can also click on the bells next to each date to add a reminder. 

For more information about how to use the option to add reminders, please go to

In this section, you can also enter the list price, sale price, and gross commission. Now under commission type, you can select for the commission to be a percentage or a flat fee.

After updating the information on the left panel, go to the top of the section, and click Update to save the changes.

In the middle panel, under the Details tab, you can enter the property details, like the MLS number, County, Year built, Square footage, Lot Size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and half bathrooms. In this section, you can also enter the Escrow details and other contingency dates.

To save the changes, go to the top, and click Update.

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