How To Transfer a Transaction From One Office to Another Office


In this video, we will be showing you how you can transfer a transaction from one office to another.

When an Agent leaves your company and goes from one office to another branch and you want to transfer a transaction to that other branch. Go inside the Agent’s user profile (under the Users module), when inside the Agent’s profile, in the middle panel under Agent Details, you will see a field called Company Agent Is Affiliated To. There, you can go ahead and switch the Agent to another office (for example from New York to Florida) than change their commission plan under Agent Compensation Plan and click on Update User Profile at the bottom. Once you save the information, the system is going to prompt you and say are you sure you want to update the Agent? The agent still has active or pending transactions. It is best practice to cancel these or assign them to another Agent in your office. When you see that message, click Continue.

To be able to transfer transactions to the other office, go to Menu > Transactions. Once there, go straight to the filter button at the top right corner and scroll down to Company Agent Is Affiliated To and make your selection. After you do so, that is going to narrow down all the transactions in the system and it is only going to display transactions that belong to that branch or office. In the list of your transactions (if applicable), select the one you want to transfer. Inside the transaction file, on the left-hand side under Transaction Type (for example it is a Residential Sale), you will notice that it will say Residential Sale – (Your Company Name) – (State) and you will also have the same transaction type Residential Sale without the company name and state.

Basically, what this means is now the Agent is in the Florida office. If you want to transfer the transaction from the New York office to the Florida office, all you have to do is select Residential Sale and click Update on the top. After you click Update, a window will pop up that says Are you sure you want to update the transaction? Please note that the transaction finances and required tasks checklist will also be updated as well. That will go ahead and transfer over that file to the new office. Click Continue.

When you continue, now the transaction has been moved over to the new office. Remember that if you have an office in Miami for example and you had another branch in Orlando and it just so happens that the Agent moved from one city to another in the same state and you needed to move a transaction, you can do so within RealtyBackOffice.

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