How to Download Document from Transaction

This video will show you how to download the documents you have inside a transaction file.

First, go to Menu > Transactions. To use the filters to find your Transaction File go to the upper right corner and click on the inverted pyramid under your name. Then select the option you need, and RealtyBackOffice will display the Transaction that matches your search. Then click on the Transaction Address to open the file.

Once inside the transaction file, go to the middle panel and the documents tab. Then locate the document you want to download, hover over it, go to the three dots, and select Download Document.

The system will download the document to your computer. You can go to Download documents on your computer and locate the file.

RealtyBackOffice also allows you to download the certificate of authenticity. To download it, click on the link you will see at the top of the page of the download document.

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