How To Share A Contact With The Entire Agency


If you want to save your Agents from typing up contact information multiple times inside of RBO then listen up as this video will unravel for you a trick that you can use to avoid multiple contact information entries on each and every transaction file.

To be able to share a contact with the entire office, go inside the Contact record in Menu > CRM > People, once you are on the contact’s profile, at the top, you will see three dots beside the word Update. You can click on that and you want to select “Share Contact”. A window will pop up which will enable you to select the branch you want to share the contact with and you will also be able to assign a contact type and then click Save. As soon as you save it, the contact will be shared with the entire agency or office and the Agents will be able to use that contact in their transactions.

On the Agent App, once an Agent logs in and goes to a transaction file, under the Contacts tab, the Agent will be able to click on Add New > Add Contact. In the Name or company field, the Agent can search for a contact and the system will provide the Agent with a few selections that the Agent can choose from. 

Once the Agent selects the contact, the system will auto-complete all the fields for the Agent and all that the Agent needs to do is click on Save. As soon as the information is saved, the contact information will now get transferred into the transaction file (under Contacts).

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