Co-Agent/Team Member Can Now View All Tasks Related To The Transaction


A new feature has been added to RealtyBackOffice in the Transactions module inside of a transaction file where a Co-Agent/Team Member can now view all the tasks related to the transaction.

If an agent wants to take advantage of this new feature, the Agent should click on the transaction file and go to the Contacts tab and add another Agent to be the Co-Agent in the file. To do that, under the Contacts tab, click on Add New > Add Co-Agent/Team Member. Once the Agent has been added as a Co-Agent/Team Member, the primary Agent can now hover over the Co-Agent/Team Member and click on the eye icon for a window to pop up that will enable the primary Agent to toggle switch on “Allow Co-Agent/Team Member To See Transaction Details” and check the box that says “Allow Co-Agent/Team Member To Edit Transaction” and hit Save.

Once this is done, the Co-Agent/Team Member is now given privileges to be able to see the file within the system and gives the Co-Agent/Team Member editing permissions as well. Not only will the Co-Agent/Team Member see the transaction in the Co-Agent/Team Member’s own system, but the Co-Agent/Team Member will also be able to have all the tasks associated on the right-hand side get transferred over to his Tasks unified area, and also to the Google Calendar.

When the Co-Agent/Team Member logs in to the system, the Co-Agent/Team Member will now have access to the transaction file and will now see a small people icon across the property address (transaction file name) on the main page of the Transactions module. When the Co-Agent/Team Member goes into the file itself, the Co-Agent/Team Member will have access to it and can now upload documents, add contact people and activity notes, and complete tasks on the right-hand side as well. Not only does the Co/Agent/Team Member have access to the file, but the new feature will also give the Co/Agent/Team Member the capability of seeing the specific tasks on the Tasks unified area.

So, now the Co/Agent/Team Member will have a one-page view of all the checklist tasks that have to be completed for that specific file. Besides being in the Tasks unified area, the tasks will also be reflected on the Co-Agent/Team Member’s Google Calendar so when the Co-Agent/Team Member searches the property address in Google Calendar, all the tasks will also show on the calendar. As a result, not only is the Co-Agent/Team Member being reminded on the Google Calendar, but the Co-Agent/Team Member also has a one-page checklist of every single task that needs to be completed for all the files or any file that the Co-Agent/Team Member is a part of.

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