Auto Delete Transaction Tasks


There are instances when you might need to delete transaction tasks from the system that are not mandatory tasks and you want to automatically delete those tasks. An example is when the transaction status goes from active to pending or maybe pending to canceled, etc. 

In the case that the transaction is canceled, a lot of you would want certain tasks to automatically get deleted. These would typically be tasks that no longer make sense now that the transaction has been canceled. As a result of this type of scenario, we have added the Auto-Delete Incomplete Tasks feature, and it works as follows:

If you go to Menu > Settings > Admin App Settings > Company/Office Settings > Automated Transaction Task Templates, for each task, you can control when a task automatically gets deleted.

Down at the bottom of the setting window, in the section called “Select below the transaction types and Agent roles this task is applicable for,” is where you designate when a task automatically gets assigned to a transaction.

Down at the bottom in the section called “Auto Delete Incomplete Tasks,” is where you can say when a task automatically gets deleted from the transaction checklist. Note that every task has a task type and we only recommend you use the auto-delete functionality for the following task types: If applicable, non-mandatory, and recommended.

There are certain tasks you probably do not want to apply this auto-deletion for. An example is when an agent lists a property and now you have a listing transaction. One of the first things you are probably going to ask for is a listing agreement. Now, if your Agent does not complete that task, let us say there is a task on a queue that says “upload listing agreement” but for some reason, the listing gets canceled and your Agent changes his transaction from active to cancel. Now, you probably do not want that task to automatically get deleted because even though it is a canceled deal, you probably still need this listing agreement from your Agent. So that is why we say that we recommend you only use this option for the task types mentioned above.

If you create a task such as “upload listing agreement,” that is most likely going to be a mandatory task and probably a task that you would not want RBO to automatically delete if the Agent changes the status of a transaction from active to cancel.

Note that you have full control of this feature. If you do want all incomplete tasks to get automatically deleted when the transaction goes from active to canceled or from pending to canceled or to any other statuses, you have complete control over it but use this feature with caution. We do not recommend that you use it for any mandatory task as it is probably going to be a task that you require regardless. For example, you are always going to require a contract or a listing agreement or a seller’s contact information in the case of a listing even if a transaction goes to a canceled status.


You want to auto-delete a task called “Add Attorney Involved As A Transaction Contact.” If the Agent no longer needs that information and if the task is not completed and the transaction goes to “closed” or to “expired” or to “temporary off the market” or to “canceled,” then the Admin can now say that if the transaction reaches any of these statuses, the task can now be automatically deleted. Note that if you want to apply the auto-delete function to a task, do not forget to click on Save after you set it up.


When an admin is reviewing a file, out of 30 tasks that you required an Agent to complete, the Agent was only able to complete 25 tasks and 5 were remaining in the transaction file. If you use this feature and put a checkmark in the box next to the transaction status you want to auto-delete incomplete tasks for, in this example “Closed,” those 5 tasks that were remaining in the file will get auto-deleted.

Note that we only recommend you use this feature for task types that are Recommended, Non-Mandatory, and If Applicable. You do not want to use this feature for tasks that are Mandatory. Once you have made your selection as to which status you want to apply the auto-deletion for incomplete tasks, click on Save.

To set up this feature, go to Menu > Settings > Admin App Settings > Company/Office Settings > Automated Transaction Task Templates. When you are inside the transaction task template, scroll down to go to the section that says Auto Delete Incomplete Tasks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at (305) 517-3836.