Total Closed Transactions / Total Sales Volume By Month & Transactions with Pending Requests

This class will show you three main sections within the Dashboard.

Inside RealtyBackOffice Dashboard, in the middle section, you will see the Total Closed Transactions and Total Sales Volume by Month and Transactions with Pending requests.

To see the reports in detail, go to Menu > Report. You will find two types:

Forecasting Reports: These reports consider all your active and pending transactions

Stats Reports: Under these reports, you will find the Office Sales Volume, Office Revenue, Revenue By Income Type, and Agent’s Stats. This last one will show you your agents and their number of closed transactions and transactions contacts.

For more information about Reports, please go to

If you keep scrolling down inside the Admin Dashboard, you will see the Transactions with Pending requests. In this section, the system displays a list of all the letters requested by the agents.  

At the top right corner of the section, the Office Admin can use the filters to search for the information by request or company.

The Agents can request the following type of letters:

Commission Request: If you pay them directly

Paid At Closing: If you allow them to get paid by the title company

Commission Demand: Used in certain states where the brokerage needs to invoice the closing attorney for the gross commission.

Escrow Letter: If you hold escrow monies at their brokerage.

To approve the request in the Transactions With Pending Request section, the admin needs to click the Property Address, and the system will lead to the transaction. The Office Admin must verify that the agent complies and approve the letter.

After approving all the requests, the list will zero out, meaning there are no pending payments to the agents.

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