In RealtyBackOffice, if your office is part of one or more Realtor Associations, you can add a list of all the Associations to the system. So you can associate one or multiple associations with the Agents inside your office. In this class, we will show you how you can accomplish this.

To add an association to RealtyBackOffice, go to the Menu > Settings > Admin App Settings > Company/Office Settings > Associations > Add Association at the top right corner. Once there, you need to add an association name along with its payment due date. Once complete, click Save. The new Realtor Association will now show up on your list of associations, and you will be able to see the due dates for the Associations in the RealtyBackOffice Calendar.

If you go to the RealtyBackOffice Calendar and click on the Realtor Association due dates, it gives you the option to go back to company settings. 

To associate an Agent with an MLS, go to Menu > Users > and open the agent profile. Go to the middle panel and scroll down to Select Associations. 

Select the Associations where the Agent is a member, go to the bottom of the section and click Update user profile to save the changes.

Now that you have your agents associated with the Realtor Association they belong, inside the Users module, you can search Agents by Association. 

First, go to  Menu > Users > then go to the top right corner under your name and click on the inverted pyramid to open the filters. Under the field Company Agent is Affiliated to, select the company, and the under Realtor Association, choose the Realtor Association. Once you have narrowed down the search, the system will show you all agents that are associated with that specific association. 

You can now select all the agents by putting a checkmark in the box next to the Agent’s photo and going to the envelope icon on the top of the section to send a message to those agents reminding them about the payment due dates.

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