How To Create Office Announcements


This video will show you how to take advantage of this very useful functionality inside RealtyBackOffice.

If, for example, you want to inform all your Agents of a sales meeting that is going to take place at the office, the first step you will want to do is go to the Dashboard. Once there, in the Office Announcements area, click on Add New. In the pop-up, you can select the company you would like to make the office announcement to > then, give the announcement a title > and place your description in the message section of the pop-up. In this section, you can also make use of the editor tools that we provide where you can insert an image, and links, change the font style, size, etc. To add an image, click on the Image icon > paste the URL address in the URL field > press Tab on your keyboard to go to the Width and Height fields to size the image accordingly > then, click Ok. Once you are done creating the office announcement, click on Save at the bottom of the pop-up so that the announcement is seen on the Dashboard every time you and your Agents login into the system.

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