RealtyBackOffice now allows you to add company teams to the system. 

This feature is best to use if you have teams in your office and you want team members to be able to create transactions for other team members and be able to provide permissions to each member in the transaction file.

This class will show you all you need to know about this feature.

To add a company Team, the Office Admin needs to go to Menu > Settings > Admin App Settings > Company/Office Settings > Teams. 

Once inside the Teams module, you can see all the existing teams and create new ones.

To add a new Team, go to Menu > Settings > Admin App Settings > Company/Office Settings > Teams > Add Team in the top right corner, assign a name to it, and toggle the switch to make it Active. Then click Save. 

Now hover over it, and click on the three dots on the right to Edit the name, make it Inactive, Delete it or add Team Members.

To add team members, click on Add team member and type the first letters of the agent name, then select it from the drop-down menu, and the system will auto-populate the information. Then click on Save. 

Once you save it, the system will display a small pop-up window. If you hover over the agent name and press on the pencil icon, you can edit the settings of that specific team member. 

You can make the user a Team Leader or allow them to create transactions for other team members. Note that you can not give both permissions at the same time.

If you set the user as a Team Leader, the system will add a Team Leader label to them. They can also create transactions for other team members and automatically be Co-Agent in the team transactions.

The Team Leader can also access team reports. This feature is going to be available soon.

If the user has permission to create transactions for other team members, they will be automatically added as a Co-Agent in the team transactions with full editing capabilities.

After editing the team member settings, you can click on Save. If you need to add another team member, click Add Team member. 

If the Office Admin wants a team member as Co-agent on any team members’ transactions, the admin needs to edit the agent profile inside teams and add the Co-Agent under Auto-add team members to transactions. The Co-Agent will have full editing capabilities.

Once you have all the teams and agents’ roles inside the Teams set up, you can use the Teams in Transactions. To do this, go to Menu > Transactions >  Add Transaction> Linked to Team. 

All the team members will be in the drop menu under Select Agent. Select the user, and complete all the necessary fields to create the transaction.

Once the transaction displays in the Transactions Module, you will notice that under the field Team, you have the Team name associated with that specific transaction. 

Inside the transaction, under Contacts, you will see all the agents that are part of the team and co-agents for the agent that owns the transaction. 

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