How To Create A Transaction


RealtyBackOffice’s core is Transaction Management.

This video will show you the first step to creating a transaction inside the system.

Once inside your account, go to Menu > Transactions. This module shows all the transactions that are associated with you.

To create a new Transaction, click on Add Transaction in the top left corner next to Transactions. If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, you will see a plus sign in the top right corner.

In the displayed window, enter the property address, and select it from the drop menu. As soon as you do that, the system will auto-populate the City, State, and Zip Code. 

The next step is to select the type of transaction. You can choose it from the dropdown menu.

Then define the Transaction Stage or Agent Role.

You will see that under the Transaction Stage, you have two options:

Pre-Offer: A transaction under this stage means you send an offer to the seller, and the response is pending. You want to create a transaction as Pre-Offer so you can upload all the documents into the file. Once the client signs your contract, you can change the stage from Pre-Offer to Selling Agent, as you will be representing the buyer.

Pre-Listing: A transaction under this stage means you think you are about to get a listing. You want to take advantage of creating the transaction under Pre-Listing so you can upload all the documents. Once they accept your listing, you can change the stage to Listing Agent, as you will be representing the seller.

Under Agent Role, you will have four options:

Listing Agent: Use this role when representing the Seller or the Landlord.

Selling Agent:  Use this role when representing the Buyer or Tenant.

Listing and Selling Agent: Use this Agent role when facilitating the transaction on behalf of the Seller and Buyer.

Other: You can use this option for Referrals.

After selecting the transaction stage or agent role, continue to add the sales price, the gross commission, which can be a flat fee or percentage, and the contract and close dates.

Once all the information is registered, click on Save.

The transaction file will show on the Transactions module main page.

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