Request Document Generator Templates

With this setting, RBO is able to automate the production of Disbursement Authorizations also known as DA’s, escrow letters, etc. within a transaction.

To access this setting and start customizing the available templates, click on Menu > Settings > Admin App Settings > Company/Office Settings > Request Document Generator Templates. Once there, you will see the four available templates you can edit. As an overview, within a transaction file, an Agent can potentially do an Escrow Letter Request (this letter confirms the brokerage is holding the escrow funds), Commission Request (this letter contains a breakdown of how the commission was split), Paid At Closing Request (this letter authorizes a title company to pay the Agent directly and send the brokerage a check for the company portion of the commission) and Commission Demand (this letter generates a commission invoice typically used in attorney-only states). Note that within the User setting, the Admin has full control over which request type an Agent can order.

When an Admin approves any of the request types, RBO will send the Agent an email and attached to that email there will be a letter. This is the setting where the Admin can customize that letter.

To edit, click on the three vertical dots located on the right of the request type you would like to modify. After this, a pop-up will come up with the default letter for the template you selected where you can use a document editor similar to a Word document that allows you to customize the text, look and feel of the letter.

One of the important options in the editor is the merge fields or shortcodes option that enables you to insert dynamic data from a transaction into a letter template which ensures that when a request is approved, the letter generated is customized specifically for the transaction it is for. To insert a merge field into a letter template, put your cursor wherever you would like to insert dynamic data from a transaction into the document. Once you have placed the cursor in the desired location of the document, simply click on the merge field icon. A pop-up will come up allowing you to select from all the available merge fields.

Please note that the merge field names are very descriptive of the data that will replace it when you approve the request made, and RBO generates the letter corresponding to the request type. When you select the merge field, it will be inserted into the letter. By using merge fields, you can generate a letter with a click of a button and it can be 100% customized for the transaction you approved it for.

Other useful tools that you can use from the text editor are the Image icon and the Header and Footer icons, among others. Click on the image icon if you want to add an image to the letter like your company logo. You can also upload your signature as an image or sign with a pen tool. In the third row of the document editor options, there is also the ability to add a header and footer to the template. You will want to add your logo inside the header and company information inside the footer so that when the letter is generated, it looks like it was created on the company letterhead. There are many more options in the editor that you can use. Once the letter template looks and reads the way you want it, click Save on the bottom right corner.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at (305) 517-3836.