User Profile Shortcut


This video will show you a feature allowing the office admin to go from a transaction file into the agent profile.

First, go to Menu > Transactions. To use the filters to find your Transaction File go to the upper right corner and click on the inverted pyramid under your name. Then select the option you need, and RealtyBackOffice will display the Transaction that matches your search. Then click on the Transaction Address to open the file.

Inside the file on the left panel, the Admin can click on the information icon next to the Agent name. A window will display providing the Agent’s personal information, compensation plan, association, who recruited them, license number, license expiration date, and year-to-year stats. At the top right corner of this window, the Admin can click on Go to User Profile as a shortcut to go to the user profile.

This feature allows the Admin easy access to the user profile instead of going to the Menu > Users > Users Profile.

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