In RealtyBackOffice, you can customize your account with your Company Colors and Logo.

You can use two colors for your Account Branding. 

The first one will be the primary color for the software, and it will be for the Menu and the Dashboard. The second one will be on the header and the footer.

To place an order for your company branding, send us your Company Colors and Logo to Please remember to let us know which are your first and secondary colors. Also, if possible, send us the Hex Color Codes so we can use the same colors from your company. If you can’t locate the Hex Color Codes, we can get them from your Company Logo.

Once our engineers have your Company theme ready, RealtyBackOffice will notify you through an email so you can update the branding.

To set up your theme, the super Admin needs to go to  Menu > Settings > General Settings > Branding > Select your Company Name from the drop-down options, scroll down on the page and click on Update Branding to save the changes.

Once you save the changes, they will reflect on your account. Please also note that we cannot use white for the main or the secondary color because the buttons in the system won’t be visible.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (305) 517-3836.