Favorite Links & Vendors

This video will show you the last section of the RealtyBackOffice Dashboard, Favorite Links, and Vendors. Please note that only the Super Admin can set up this section. 

This section shows all the Links and Vendors that the Super Admin wants to share with the agents. For example, you can share your preferred Title Companies, Mortgage Brokers, or where to order business cards or for-sale signs. You can also share links to Google Drive folders with information that will help your agents or YouTube links that your agents could need.

You can display all the links, vendors, or resources that will answer small questions that the information in this section might answer.

To take advantage of the information displayed in this section, the agents need to click on the vendor or link they need, and the system will take them to their website. They can also click on the question mark next to the vendor or Link name, and they will see the photos from Google My Business and the vendor’s contact details powered by Google My Business, like their contact details or URL. Also, under the Additional Information section, the agent can see all the extra information that the admin added when setting up the vendors and Links. In this section, you can add a contact person, a settlement fee, or if the web page requires a username or password.

The Agents can also search by the category the Super Admin associated with the Vendor or Link. These categories will be visible to the agent inside the Filter by Category dropdown menu.

The Admins can search Vendors and Links associated with a specific office. They will find this information under the Filter by Office menu, which is visible only to the admins.

To set up these links and vendors in the system, the Super Admin needs to go to Menu > Settings > General Settings > Favorite Links and Vendors.

For more information on how to set up your Favorite Links and Vendors, see the following videos

Adding Favorite Vendors – https://www.realtybackoffice.com/docs/admin-app/on-boarding-videos-general-settings/adding-favorite-vendors/ 

Adding Favorite Links – https://www.realtybackoffice.com/docs/admin-app/on-boarding-videos-general-settings/adding-favorite-links/ 

If you have any questions, please email us at support@realtybackoffice.com or call us at (305) 517-3836.