Assign Signed Documents to Transaction

This video will show you how to move a signed document from the Working Documents and E-Sign module into a transaction.

Please remember that you want your Working Docs area to be as clean as possible. We recommend that signed documents get transferred to the transaction file, and any document not signed or rejected gets assigned to a contact record.

To assign a Signed document to a Transaction File, you need to go to Menu > My Working Documents & E-Sign. Once inside the module, locate the Signed Document you want to transfer to a transaction, hover over it, go to the three dots, and select Assign to Transaction. Write the first three numbers of the property address, and give the system a moment to find the property information. Once you see it in the menu, select it, and click Save. The system will transfer the Signed Document from the My Working Documents module to the transaction file.

If you go to Menu > Transactions > To use the filters to find your Transaction File go to the upper right corner and click on the inverted pyramid under your name. Then select the option you need, and RealtyBackOffice will display the Transaction that matches your search. Then click on the Transaction Address to open the file. Go to the middle panel, and under the document tab, you will find the document you just transferred from My Working Documents.

Please note that when you see that the document says “-Signed” after the document’s name, it means that the document was signed using the RealtyBackOffice E-Sign feature. 

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