How To Review Tasks Pending Admin Review


This video will show you how to complete tasks on the Admin side.

The first step you are going to want to do is click on Menu then go to Tasks. Once you are there, you are going to see all the Transaction tasks that are due for all your transactions in the entire brokerage. You can also filter tasks that pertain to Opportunities (leads), Users, and People. Note that on the Tasks main page, you are able to see how many tasks you need to complete in the bottom right corner.

Inside this module, you can make use of the filter option which is located on the upper right-hand side. When you click on the Tasks filter, you will be able to scroll down and you will see an option that says Completed, In Review, and Incomplete. You do not want to view the tasks that are incomplete because those are the ones that Agents still need to complete and do not require your review at the present time. What you want to select is the option that says In Review because that will show you all the tasks that need broker review.

Once you are in that view, you are going to want to click on the document icon then click on the magnifying glass icon, then you will be able to review the document that was assigned to the task. Note that in this view, all the boxes on the outer right-hand side are in orange and there is another set of boxes on the inner left-hand side that you can click. Once you click on that box, the box will be selected and you will have several options at the top including the check icon which says Mark As Reviewed which will enable you to mark the task as reviewed if the task is in compliance. (The other options at the top are Add Comment, Tasks Logs which will let you view comments and changes made, Edit Task, Linked Documents and Delete Task. 

Remember that if the task is not in compliance, you can notify the Agent by clicking on Add Comment (for example the document is missing initials on Page 2) which will also shoot out an email to the Agent (the email will include details about the transaction and will also include a link to the transaction that Agents can click on which will take them straight to the transaction file so they can make the corrections). 

Note that whenever an Agent makes a mistake, you would need to uncheck the box that is in orange so that the Agent can redo the task again. Once the Agent completes the task, the broker will get notified once again and the task will appear in the broker’s Tasks unified area once again for approval. Also, note that you can mark the task as reviewed on the transaction file itself by hovering over the task and clicking on the three dots.

Remember that the Tasks unified area is very useful to you, the Admins because it makes it very easy for you to have a one-page view of all the tasks that you need to review and complete. As you complete the tasks, you will see that the number of tasks will get lesser and lesser until your workload is zero-out which would indicate that your workload is up-to-date. 

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