How To Search For Transactions With Pending Commission


If you allow your Agents the convenience of getting paid at closing then you are going to absolutely love this next RealtyBackOffice feature.

Under Transactions in the main Menu, and by using our transaction filter which is located at the top right corner, you can sort your transactions by the filters that we have available. But for this video, we will focus on the filter option that we have called Transactions With Pending Commissions.

When you select the box right next to Transactions With Pending Commissions, you will be able to see all the transactions where a Commission Disbursement Authorization was made and approved and the transaction is still in pending status and the Broker/Admin has not closed it out yet. (Note that only Admins can close a transaction. Also, it is important to remember that before closing a transaction, the Admin has to make sure that all funds have been received and accounted for at the office).

Once the system narrows down the search, you can easily access the transactions, and inside a transaction, you can click on the Information Icon right after the Agent’s email address and a window will pop up which will provide you more information about the Agent like contact information, company information and Year-To-Date stats.

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